About The Lucero Company

Our mission.

To create safe, innovative and more ethical wood finishing products.

Values – Family, integrity and trust.
L.Co takes pride in being a family owned and operated company with roots dating back to 1969 in Southern California. Our goal is to make everything we do transparent to our customers. This means giving everyone access to what raw materials we use in our products, where they come from, our laboratory test results, as well as measuring our social and environmental impact.

The ‘Co’ in L.Co represents much more than a company, it suggests a global community that is both cooperative, contemporary and ethical. L.Co is a diverse community that operates in many countries, made up of unique people from all walks of life, from all nationalities, races, religions and genders. Co creating together pushes us beyond ourselves into making things that were not possible before.

The beginning.

The Lucero Company began in 1969 in Southern California as an industrial finishing company.

The year was 1969 in Southern California and Grandpo Lucero started a small family business operating an industrial finishing company. Initially focusing on aluminum and steel the business expanded to include finishing composite, wood and virtually any other materials using industrial polyurethanes, enamels, single and two-stage acrylic enamel paints. The knowledge gained in the field of industrial finishing provided the backbone for when L.Co began developing its unique natural oil wood finishing products.

The Lucero Company began in 1969 in Southern California as an industrial finishing company.

The evolution.

The Lucero Company moved operations to Vietnam in 2014 and began work on developing its tung oil based wood finishing products. We rebranded our company as L.Co keeping in spirit with our roots. Our first finishes were made available soon after our rebrand was complete in 2015.

In 2019 L.Co partnered and began working closely with a social enterprise in Central Vietnam to harvest and process pure raw tung oil for use in all of our products: Tung Oil Finish, Topcoat, Exterior Oil Treatment, Exterior Oil, Color Oil, and HardWax Oil & Polish.

All L.Co products are made with ethically harvested and sustainable plant based tung oil.